Jun - 2017

How Colas lost their mojo: Amid downturn, Coca-Cola, Pepsi face challenge from local companies

Similarly, Hamdard recently ventured into the ready-to-drink juice segment, with Rooh Afza Fusion - an extension of its 100 year old brand Rooh Afza - which not only has fresh juice content of 20 per cent, but also retains the flavour of the parent brand. Concurs Mansoor Ali, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Hamdard. "When we were working on Rooh Afza Fusion we test marketed several versions. Some which didn’t work and we pulled it out at once. Had we been bound by global diktats, I don’t think we could have been so flexible," he says.


This coverage will feature in the June 2017 issue of the magazine as a cover story.